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Women On Birth Control Do Not Seek Sexy Men

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Ever been hit on by a girl who’s taking birth control? Bad news. It is suggested in a new study that women on the pill are usually not into ‘sexy’ guys. Previous experiments already showed that women on birth control were interested in different men than the ones who weren’t on the pill. However, it was unclear how the pill influenced relationships.

Researcher Craig Roberts and his colleagues set out to find how the pill could influence romance. To do so, they interviewed women who were already on the pill when they met their partner. The approach produced some remarkable findings.

Women who were on the pill when they met their partner were more satisfied with their relationship. Also, they were less likely to break up than women women who did not take any birth control when they met their partner. However at the same time, the women on the pill felt less attracted to their partner. Also, they were less satisfied with their sex life, according to an article published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society.

Roberts think the results can be explained by the fact that normally women during their cycle are into different types of men. For example when women are not in their fertile period, they would fall for men who would be a good father. In another part of the cycle women fall for attractive men who are less suitable as a father. Women who take the pill are not affected by these hormonal fluctuations. Their hormone levels are stable during the month, at the same level as a women in her non-fertile period. The result: a woman on the pill is unconsciously looking for a man and a good father and would prefer that over a very attractive men who is less suitable as the father of her children.

Source: New Scientist

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Roberts SC, Klapilová K, Little AC, Burriss RP, Jones BC, Debruine LM, Petrie M, & Havlícek J (2011). Relationship satisfaction and outcome in women who meet their partner while using oral contraception. Proceedings. Biological sciences / The Royal Society PMID: 21993500

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