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Good to Know: Why You Look So Bad in Pictures

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Not liking yourself in photos is a widely spread phenomenon. You still felt good in front of the mirror, but then the picture slaps you in the face. What happened?

Part of the problem lies in the mirror: don’t get too familiar with it. It doesn’t show the real you, like a picture does. The mirror flips your face over, making the asymetrical parts just look like the opposite of what they really are.  You’re for example used to seeing your left eye just a little bigger, or your nose slightly pointed to the right. But actually it is the other way around. Therefore, your “real” face as shown in a picture might look odd to you. Luckily, this isn’t the case for other people, as they are not so familiar with your mirror reflection as you are.

Another part of the problem is caused by your “mirror-face”; when in front of one, many people tend to adjust their face in a way they believe is more attractive. You can recognize it in the girls bathroom: many open their eyes just a little wider or slightly tighten their lips.  A picture, on the other hand, catches your face in a natural pose – and therefore looks different.

Still, some people just look better on pictures, it seems. According to model photographers this isn’t true. Everyone can learn to look good in pictures, they say. It has to do with feeling comfortable, connecting with the photographer and standing in good light in front of the right lens.

So how do you make yourself look better in pictures? First of all, get used to seeing yourself in pictures. Don’t be afraid to take some of yourself. Also, try to be more relaxed in front of a camera and take pictures during ‘the golden hour’ of day: when the sun sets.  And last but not least: don’t chew on something.

Source: Digitalspy, Quora

Photo: Flickr, UJMi

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