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Wanna Spend Your Life On Mars? Join The Crew

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Serious plans to start the first human settlement on the red planet.

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Still have the same dream you had as a child? Still want to be an astronaut? Here’s your chance: a Dutch company is planning to send the first four humans to Mars in 2023. These lucky four will probably stay there for the rest of their lives.

The company, called Mars One, is very serious and is now looking for volunteers. You have to be between 18 and 40 years of age, wishing to stay on Mars the rest of your life and not planning to have children anytime soon. But hurry, there are already lots of applicants.

The plan is based on existing technology, uses simple rovers and solar panels, doesn’t include the safe return of the participants and doesn’t depend on any politics. It’s a private company that wants to cover the expenses by creating the biggest media event ever. The merchandise has already started.

Mars One says it already has suppliers for every piece of needed hardware and states the only obstacle left is collecting enough money. The whole mission will be filmed and maybe the participants are even selected by the public. If it’s a success, every two years a new human team of four will join the Mars village.

There are more plans for settlements in space, like ESA’s idea to print a house on the moon.

To learn more about the Mars mission:

Photo: Flickr, J.Gabás Esteban


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