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Getting Science Right: Sun Signs and Marriage

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Do Virgos and Capricorns or Leos and Libras match?

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Ok, let’s get it over with. There are so many people believing in matching sun signs, sometimes even seeming to have a point stating that the influence of the sun and stars can not be underestimated, that it’s time to put it to the test. Luckily David Voas, researcher at the University of Manchester, did so already in 2007.

He statistically investigated ‘love signs’ by looking at no less than 10 million marriages and trying to find any patterns of marriage along the lines of people’s birthdays.

If there are no relations at all between sun signs and people forming relationships, we would see a totally random distribution of people marrying. But that was actually not the case. Voas’ results showed a slight tendency for people to marry persons that were born on a time of year close to their own birthday.

That is not exactly what the astrologists would predict – they typically match people with different sun signs, but still interesting. Voas thought so as well, and digged a bit deeper. By further analyzing birthday dates he found the main cause of this surprising finding: The number of couples with the exact same birthdays was 41% higher than expected.

While some people may be attracted to one another because of matching birthdays, Voas argues, the majority of these birthday couples are probably typos. People filling out the questionnaire could have absentmindedly filled in their own birthday twice. This also seemed to happen with filling in the sex of a partner.

Apart from these birthday matches marriages appeared to be happening absolutely randomly between various sun signs. This is a very steady finding, since the sample size is huge. This also means that even the beliefs of people in matching sun signs doesn’t affect their actual choice of marriage. Thank God.

Photo: Flickr, Remco van Dokkum

References:David Voas, Cathie Marsh (2007). Ten million marriages: A test of astrological ‘love signs’ Centre for Census and Survey Research

leo and libra, virgo and capricorn, compatible horoscopes,

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