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How Vaccines Have Saved the Human Race

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The dramatic effect of vaccines in fighting disease


Here’s a good look at how vaccinations have drastically reduced, if not eliminated, deaths from what were common diseases. It also illustrates the danger of the “anti-vaccine” movement.


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  • niko

    what about the parameter: better hygienic circumstances!!

    • Andrew Porterfield

      Cleaner water and other hygienic measures have made a huge difference, but with diseases like cholera and dysentery. Not so much with smallpox, measles and polio. In fact, with polio, people warned against swimming in lakes and ponds (futilely) before the vaccine came around.

  • Cornelis

    The author does nor realize that every infection disease has 3 stages: beginning, top, decline.
    Every vaccination has started in the so-called “top-phase” or even when the infection was over the top. So, the claim that vaccination has reduced infection diseases is unrealistic and scientifically not very strong. Moreover, we can see that some of the so called “whiped out” infection diseases make a strong come back. Strong in the way, that they have become more lethal, which is the result of the vaccination campaigns. So a originally mild infection disease like measles is nowadays a more life threatening disease.
    This proves that vaccinations only give short term advantages, but in the long term they cause more chronic and more life threatening diseases.

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