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Does Drinking Eight Glasses of Water Keeps Skin from Drying Out?

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The story goes that we have to drink eight glasses of water a day to keep our skin hydrated. But actually, it’s never proved by scientific research that drinking large quantities of water has significant effect on our skin.

In addition, there’s even no clear evidence to support the idea that everyone needs to drink eight glasses of water every day for whatever reason. To make things clear: this certainly doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking water, but it’s not necessary for everyone to hit that target. Your kidneys will keep doing its job – getting rid of toxins – also when drinking less than eight glasses of water. Just follow a simple rule: drink when you’re thirsty.

So what does help to keep skin hydrated? The answer: applying moisturizer to your skin. According to Mayo Clinic, moisturizers hold water in the outermost layer of skin. Therefore, they are able to prevent and treat dry skin. The best moment to apply moisturizer seems to be while you’re skin is still damp from a bath or shower. This helps lock in the moisture your skin soaked up while you were bathing.

The moisturizer that’s best for you depends on many factors, including your skin type, your age and whether you have specific conditions, such as acne. Problems with finding a moisturizer that suits your needs? You can find general guidelines here.

Source: How Stuff Works, Mayo Clinic, American Academy of Dermatology

Photo: rubyblossom / Flickr

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