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Coca-Cola & Cough Drops: Cocaine Products of the Past

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Cocaine was not always the white devil that it is known to be today.

cocainetoothachedropsCocaine may be an illegal drug today. In the past, manufacturers proudly proclaimed that their products contained the substance. It was even seen as a miracle cure, elevating mood and soothing pain. Also for children. Read about four products that once included cocaine.

Toothache drops
Around 1885, cocaine toothache drops were popular for children. The medicine soothed pain and also caused a general lift in mood and mild euphoria. Besides pain-relieving medications also certain cough drops contained cocaine. One brand of cocaine-containing throat lozenges from Belgium claimed that the drops were “indispensable for singers, teachers, and orators.” In addition to comforting their sore throat, these lozenges undoubtedly provided the required attitude, alertness and mood to keep these professionals performing at their peak.

Coca Wine
Bordeaux and cocaine in one – it was a real product in the late 19th century. During that period there were all kinds of wines containing cocaine on the market. The most popular brand of coca wine was Vin Mariani, which was even endorsed by pope Leo XIII and Queen Victoria. The dosage indicated on the back of the bottle reads: “A wine glass full with, or immediately after, meals. Children in proportion.”

tuckerasthmaAsthma treatment
In the 1980’s, Dr Nathan Tucker found out a new way to treat asthma. The product, called “Dr Nathan Tucker Asthma Specific,” was a cocaine-based medicine that was vaporised and inhaled into the nose. At that time, the inhaler plus an initial supply of the liquid cost $12.50 in the US and was bought by thousands of people. Tucker’s Asthma Specific was around until 1959, when the current owner died in a plane crash and the company’s assets were sold off.

Although the recipe of Coca-Cola is still a big mystery, we do know that it has changed over time. “Although the now giant company is a little shy to speak about its history of association with the psychoactive substance, the Coca-Cola Company used cocaine in its drink from its invention in 1886 up until 1903,” rapports The New York Times. The secret formula still contains coca extracts, but these are now cocaine-free.

Source: The Quack Doctor, Yahoo, The Naked Scientist

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