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Zach (editor) freelances for a variety of publications, in print and on the web. He has also contributed to technical proposals on aerospace-related topics for NASA and the Department of Defense. Zach runs the blog, lives in Southern California, eats plenty of fish, and provides social media content strategy as a day job.

Living With the Sun

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At the Mercy and Fury of Our Parent Star Nearly every organism that’s ever lived and died (certainly every person you’ve ever met) owes their continued existence to the steady flow of charged, particulate energy that originates from the thermonuclear fusion of our star. It is the most perfectly spherical object ever observed in nature.   …Continue Reading

A Science First: Witnessing the Birth of a Black Hole

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Oddly shaped supernova leads scientists to believe they’re seeing the birth of a black hole. NASA’s Chandra X-ray observatory may have captured a galactic first.  The infancy of a black hole emerging from the stellar remnant W49B is likely in the process of developing, based on several independent observations.  The composite image was created with   …Continue Reading

Artificial Intelligence Is Smarter Than Your Doctor

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A new A.I. predictive model saves money and improves health. Researchers at Indiana University developed a computer model that uses aggregated health data, known as “big data,” to prescribe less-expensive treatments than doctors.  The predictive modeling effort reported results indicating a 50% reduction in costs with 40% higher-quality patient outcomes. The egos of medical doctors   …Continue Reading

The Sonic Transit of Venus

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Breathtaking footage of this rare solar event, is accompanied by a solarsonic soundtrack. Robert Alexander provides NASA scientists with a novel way to study the solar dynamics by using his musical training to take non-audible data which is then converted into soundscapes. NASA maintains a fleet of heliophysics spacecraft that observe our star from multiple visual wavelengths and   …Continue Reading

Genetically Engineered Virus Fights Liver Cancer

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Terminally-ill patients had their lives prolonged when treated with the Pexa-Vec virus. Cancer, one of the oldest and most formidable foes of humanity has an advanced, new adversary.  16 terminally-ill liver cancer patients treated with a high dose of the vaccine Pexa-Vec survived an average of 14.1 months, compared to 6.7 for patients receiving a   …Continue Reading