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Mark (executive editor) is a Portuguese-American, alternative journalist specializing in online journalism, social movements and global conflicts. His own program is one of the oldest and longest running current affairs podcasts on the internet. He enjoys ultimate frisbee and teaching new media in post-conflict countries.

Japan Unveils Improved Tsunami Warning System

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New system promises quicker warnings and faster evacuation. This month Japan unveiled the most sophisticated tsunami warning system in the world, two years after the country was rocked by a massive tsunami which killed 19,000 people. Through the use of state-of-the-art under water pressure sensors and automatic mobile phone warnings, the goal is to avoid   …Continue Reading

Europe's Best Tech Innovators vs Silicon Valley

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Can the EU foster iconic names like Google or Facebook? The big wish from the EU and financial markets throughout Europe has long been to develop successful tech companies comparable to the best Silicon Valley has to offer. Through a combination of education, business, and science initiative, they’ve been hoping for some time, that the   …Continue Reading

Defining Who or What "Pimp" is: Research

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The contested and changing meaning of the word “pimp”. Sociological research into the world of prostitution and sex work has always been accompanied by references to the role and impact of the infamous pimp.  This name, which carries with it many associations and assumptions, has actually been the source of changing and controversial meaning.  A   …Continue Reading

Top Five Movies that Got Science Right

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Despite all the bad science plots that come out of Hollywood, some get it right. If you’re a loyal United Academics reader than you know we love the wacky relationship between major motion pictures and science.  Sometimes it is a story that gets the scientific facts all wrong for the sake of the plot, other   …Continue Reading

Cool Physics: Holographic Fire Vision

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New technology makes it possible to see through smoke and flames. One of the long standing technological challenges for fire fighting has long been finding a way to see through or past smoke and fire.  Despite many important improvements when it comes to fire prevention and safety on the job, when it comes to imaging,   …Continue Reading