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Jaime (editor) got into journalism because of his love for reading. Born and bred in Spain, now Amsterdam-based, he has lived in Romania and Mexico.

He writes about a wide range of subjects, including culture, travelling and popular science.

We Are Unable to Be Both Empathetic and Analytic at the same Time, Research Suggests

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When the brain activates the network related to social tasks, it suppresses activity in the region associated to mechanical reasoning, according to researchers from Case Western Reserve University and Washington University in St Louis Medical School, in the US. This means that “empathetic and analytic thinking are, at least to some extent, mutually exclusive in   …Continue Reading

Data Visualization: Health Benefits of Walking

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Some interesting data from this infographic: Walking 30 minutes/day, 5 days/week, along with moderate diet changes, can halve risk of Type 2 Diabetes; walking 3-5 hours/week reduces mortality by 50% in women with breast cancer. Click on the image to enlarge it. Source:

Geneva and Lausanne 'Remain Vulnerable to Lake Tsunami'

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Researchers in Switzerland have found evidence to support the so-called “Tauredunum Event”, which is believed to have happened in AD 563 and involved a lake tsunami engulfing the shores of the Lake Léman. What’s worse is that these scientists, who published their findings in Nature Geoscience, believe that there chances that this event will happen again.   …Continue Reading

Gallery: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

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“Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop” is an ongoing exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pictures displayed show how people manipulated photographs in a more or less sophisticated way much before the invention of computers and Photoshop. Source: Retronaut

Movie Review: ‘Sunshine’ (2007) – An Uneven Approach to Science and Religion

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There is a moment at the start of the movie in which the spaceship crew has to make a difficult decision: Whether they should change their course to the Sun in order to approach a lost spaceship. They discuss the pros and cons, and finally one of them suggests to vote. The answer from another   …Continue Reading