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As a psychology expert, Carian (editor) keeps an eye on new hot research. Via her blog posts everybody can stay informed about interesting psychology topics, with a hint of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Together with friends, she enjoys all the good things Amsterdam has to offer. When alone, she frees her mind by practicing kundalini yoga.

Portraits from DNA in Cigarettes and Gum

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PhD student collects DNA of strangers to create their portraits. Electronic arts student Heather Dewey-Hagborg took a crash course in molecular biology and started to stroll the streets of New York to collect hair, fingernails, cigarette butts and wads of chewing gum. She uses these samples to extract DNA in a do-it-yourself biology lab in   …Continue Reading

World's Largest Matrix Opal

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Ever wondered what a $1 million stone looks like? Last year this 55,000 carats matrix opal, even described as the world’s largest, was discovered in the opal fields of southern Australia. The multi-colored stone is formed when opal filters in the tiny cavities of limestone. To see the opal component in the stone, the pale   …Continue Reading

Tree Shaping: Create a Living Garden Chair

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Would you like to have a living chair in your garden? It may take eight to ten years, but artist Peter Cook shows that it’s possible. This practice is called tree shaping, but is also known as Pooktre, arborsculpture and tree training. So how does it work? There are various methods to shape trees, but   …Continue Reading

Beautiful (but Scary): Projections on Trees

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How to utterly terrify people on drugs: project deities and spirits on trees. French artist Clement Briend used the volume of Cambodian trees to create sculptural representations of divine figures. “It’s a beautiful surprise when the projected spirits awaken and reveal themselves at night as though they are made of the towering trees themselves,” he   …Continue Reading

What happens to my online accounts when I die?

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Are you aware of the sheer size of your online presence? That pile of emails, social media activities, digital photos, and bank records that are growing everyday. What happens to this digital footprint once your life is over? Will your online accounts disappear after you are gone? Or will others still be able to send   …Continue Reading