Call for Papers – Economics & The Enlightenment

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The United Academics Journal of Social Sciences (UAJSS) invites research papers from the various disciplines of the social sciences and humanities that reflect on aspects of Economics and the Enlightenment. Papers in intellectual history are welcomed, but also papers relating to the shaping and institutionalization of the new discipline of political economy (journals, societies, chairs) will be positively considered.

DEADLINE: 20 January 2013

SEE OUR WEBSITE: for submission guidelines.


I am particularly excited about this issue because Evert Schoorl, who was previously the director of graduate studies in the economics department at the University of Groningen (NL), will be our guest editor. Evert’s brand new book Jean-Baptiste Say – Revolutionary, Entrepreneur, Economist will be published on November 27th by British publishing house, Routledge.

This volume is the first full-length biography of Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832), the most famous French classical economist. During his lifetime Say actively took part in three revolutions: the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution and the establishment of economics as an academic discipline. He struggled with Bonaparte, was the owner of a cotton spinning mill, and published his famous Treatise of political economy and many other economic writings.

To ore-order this book please click here!

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