biology, animals, research, Earth & Environment, environmental issues coral reefs, chemistry, coral reef conservation methods,
All Coral Reefs Could Die by Century’s End

Researchers: only drastic climate change measures will save reefs Every coral reef in the world will probably die off by the end of this century unless the production of [...]

Sex & Society, Communication, political science, social media, egypt twitter revolution, the role of social media in the arab spring,
Egypt Uprising: More Than Just a 'Twitter revolt'

Media framing of “Twitter Revolutions” presents a misleading view of protest movements These days all you need to be a revolutionary is a mobile phone and a grievanc [...]

Design & Technology, intelligent future technologies, intelligent machines, artificial intelligence, artificial intelligent robots,
Super Intelligent Machines Aren't to Be Feared

Worrying scenarios remain, though. Fear of machines becoming smarter than humans is a standard part of popular culture. In films like iRobot and Terminator, humans are [...]

Cloning is immoral and dangerous.

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